All Them Witches Side Project With Pro Skater Evan Smith: See UVWAYS' Trippy New "OP1" Video | Revolver

All Them Witches Side Project With Pro Skater Evan Smith: See UVWAYS' Trippy New "OP1" Video

Robby Staebler and cohorts explore "fleeting consciousness"

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As if All Them Witches' output wasn't trippy enough, the Nashville psycho-rock crew's drummer and founding member Robby Staebler has another band, UVWAYS, that's even trippier. Joining him in the cosmic journeying are amp builder and former SIMO bass player Elad Shapiro and psycho pro skater Evan Smith. UVWAYS' latest album is 2020's Moses Lynx, and today (November 1st) Revolver has teamed with the trio to premiere the mind-bending video for jammy standout "OP1." Watch above.

"ATW record while we built out my studio one small piece at a time," Staebler tells us. "Evan and I started sending those tracks back and forth moving the ideas during the beginning of COVID. In order to finish the album, we headed from L.A. to Nashville back to my studio where Elad was waiting to put bass down and work out the kinks. We spent four days making shit up and tweaking knobs on mushrooms. The result is a psychedelic mashup moving from track to track seamlessly or not at all. Ears of the beholder will be the judge of that.

"'OP1' was the last thing we recorded — a final basic jam laced with 2 tethered op1 machines, Leslie cabinets and excerpts from psilocybin journaling scribbled down a decade ago. The idea, if you can call it that, is fleeting consciousness — over reaching paranoia — and a hopefulness based in the unknown of what's to come. The video was filmed partially on 16mm across different locations in the American Southwest. We revisited the same places I journaled over in the past bringing the idea full circle."