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Is This Angry Anti-Limp Bizkit Activist Actually Fred Durst?

Limp Bizkit hater unleashed profanity-laced rant on KROQ radio station
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Fred Durst
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A so-called "anti-Limp Bizkit organizer" recently called into L.A.'s famous KROQ radio station and unleashed a profanity-laced rant about the notorious nu-metal crew, taking particular aim at their controversial frontman Fred Durst.

The activist, who says his name is Randy Kaufman, decried the band as "bottom-feeding, bottom-dwelling" grifters who're essentially making the devil's music, and referred to Durst as "nothing but the sweat in between my taint." The tirade is incredibly malicious and over-the-top, but here's the thing — is "Randy Kaufman" actually just Fred Durst playing the part of an unhinged hater?

During the four-minute interview, "Kaufman" is celebrated as a hero by KROQ host Kevan Kenney, whose guest starts off the call-in by saying he spends nearly every waking moment of his life telling people not to go to Limp Bizkit shows because they're such a waste of time and money. 

"People have been duped by these barnacles, these bottom-feeding, bottom-dwelling people who call themselves Limp Bizkit," Kaufman, who happens to sound a helluva lot like Durst, said. "It's a joke, it's a debacle, it's a waste of time." He goes on to call the band "a conspiracy" and "another freakin' pandemic," eventually losing his cool and screaming, "I WILL BE THERE TO FUCK THEM UP," referring to anyone in KROQ's radius who supports the band. 

After several minutes of batshit anti-Bizkit hysterics, Kenney asks Kaufman if he has any words for Durst in particular, and the man goes the fuck off. 

"Fred Durst is nothing but the sweat in between my taint. There's nothing about him that's cool. . .He can't fucking rap, he can't fucking sing, he looks like he's 90. He's a fucking moron," ultimately raising his voice and threatening to "lick his balls" if he ever runs into Durst. 

Listen to the full animated conversation below.