Avatar's Tim Öhrström: My Favorite Pantera Song | Revolver

Avatar's Tim Öhrström: My Favorite Pantera Song

"Those drums with that insanely cool riff ... I was blown away"

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Sweden's Avatar made a name for themselves for their unabashedly theatrical (and sometimes comedic) take on melodic metal. But they also have a darker side, which they explored on 2020's Hunter Gatherer (and was epitomized on the crushing lead single "Silence in the Age of Apes").

The band are also deep thinkers, whose own personal musical tastes run the gamut from "magical minimalism" to Japanese math rock and beyond. And when it comes to heaviness, for his part, guitarist Tim Öhrström worships at the altar of Texas groove-metal greats Pantera.

Below, Öhrström shares the story behind the Pantera song that changed everything for him.


The first time I heard Pantera I was about 11 years old hanging out at my friend's house after school. He played me "Becoming" from Pantera's [Official] Live: 101 Proof album, and my jaw dropped through the floor. Those drums together with that insanely cool riff … I was blown away — never heard anything so heavy and unique like that. Since Pantera "walked" into my life I've been a huge fan. Their music is deep rooted in me and will forever keep me inspired.