Hear AWOLNATION side project THE BARBARIANS OF CALIFORNIA's thrashy "Far Out, Bro" | Revolver

Hear AWOLNATION side project THE BARBARIANS OF CALIFORNIA's thrashy "Far Out, Bro"

Featuring Snapcase vocalist Daryl Taberski

While the members of AWOLNATION had already been sailing straight into their heavy-music past via new side project the Barbarians of California, they've now linked up with Snapcase vocalist Daryl Taberski to deliver their most whip-cracking thrasher yet. Today (June 6th), the band debuted their latest smoked-out single, "Far Out, Bro."

The track is the Barbarians' third single of the spring, and it ups the tempo considerably from previous releases "Dopamine Prophecy" and "Where Are the Punks?!?!"

This time, the group are rifling South of SoCal metal licks against a panicked thrash pace, though vocalist Aaron Bruno's socio-critical stuntedness speaks to something substantially less Slaytanic ("I am dumb. Every single day, suck my thumb, I am dumb").

Then, as you can hear up above, Taberski hops on a brief, but slow-ground bridge with his signature East Coast bark.

As for the video, it finds the foursome of Bruno, fellow AWOLNATION members Zach Irons (guitar) and Isaac Carpenter (drums), plus bassist-producer-engineer Eric Stenman (formerly of Tinfed) launching into the song from the hills of sunny Southern California. Pseudo-hippie Bruno, in particular, chews the scenery — not to mention a huge-ass stogie — like he's the second coming of Bruce Dern.

"From the start, Aaron and I have been having so much fun with this new Barbarians project. Zero expectations, all expression and exploration," Stenman exclusively tells Revolver. "Then… the idea came up to start adding some guest appearances! Darryl and Snapcase are true heroes and legends. We are so honored that he pitched in and we can't wait to share some of the other surprises that we have coming up!"

The Barbarians of California came together after Stenman (Senses Fail, Crosses) "crafted a batch of throwback bangers combining impassioned angst with modern sensibilities," and reached out to Bruno, who had spent the mid-Nineties screaming in straight-edge hardcore group Insurgence well before he ever came near the pop charts.

The band promises more music is on the way, so stay tuned.