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Beheadings, Torture, Blasphemy: See Behemoth's Graphic New Video

NSFW visual for 'A Forest' EP standout "Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha"

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Behemoth are one of the most intense bands in the world, and their latest music video is no exception. The new visual for "Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha", a song from their 2020 A Forest EP, is essentially a short film that's filled with graphic violence, religious imagery and truly stunning camerawork. 

As frontman Nergal revealed in a statement, the video is a continuation of the storyline that began in the visuals for "God=Dog" and other songs from the Polish blackened death-metal band's 2018 album, I Love You At Your Darkest. The actual plot is intentionally vague and open to interpretation, but there are scenes of a beheading, horrific medieval torture, grave-digging and other generally unsettling shots involving biblical symbols and creepy settings. 

It's all based off of a painting by the Polish visual artist Sylwia Makris, who created the terrific artwork for I Love You At Your Darkest. Check it out above via YouTube.