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Best of 2017: Code Orange's Jami Morgan Picks Best Music of Year

Pittsburgh-based drummer backs Godflesh, Cavalera Conspiracy and more
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Over the course of 2017 — since they released their best-of-the-year album Forever in January — Code Orange went from buzz band to Grammy contenders, with a Revolver mag cover story and cosigns from a who's who of heavy music in between. How has the journey changed drummer and bandleader Jamie Morgan?

"I'm the exact same motherfucker — I'm just finally getting some goddamn validation," he says. "I said it in January last year, January this year, and I called our old record I Am King. I still believe. ... I really feel like this is the beginning, the start of a whole new era for us. Up until this point it's all been training camp — 10 years of training camp." He laughs.

Considering what a momentous 12 months it has been for Code Orange, we asked Morgan to give us his picks for 2017's finest musical offerings.

Godflesh - 'Post-Self'
This might be my favorite one­ — it could be the best record they ever made. It takes me to an alternate universe.

Nine Inch Nails - 'Add Violence'
Might be my favorite since Fragile or Downward Spiral. So sick. Has a little bit of attitude.

Full of Hell/The Body - 'Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light'
Sicko record, but in a scientifically murderous way.

Cavalera Conspiracy - 'Psychosis'
It's just straight Sepultura, almost as good as the classic era. Arthur Rizk did the production and it's a totally new band.

Dying Fetus - 'Wrong One to Fuck With'
Great record, and we've been seeing it live every night on tour. It just makes you want to kill.

Show Me the Body - "K-9"
That single is so wild.

All Out War - 'Give Us Extinction'
Goes really really hard.

Trail of Lies - 'God of Rage'
Really great hardcore band.

Vince Staples - 'Big Fish Theory'

Brock Hampton - 'Saturation'

Injury Reserve - 'Drive It Like It's Stolen'

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