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Best of 2017: Dead Cross Bassist Justin Pearson's Picks

Retox/Locust/Head Wound City/Some Girls member weighs in on year in music and beyond
dead cross, Ipecac Records
Justin Pearson (far right) with Dead Cross, 2017
courtesy of Ipecac Records

Everybody's talking about "Dead Cross this" and "Dead Cross that" in 2017, but Justin Pearson is way more than just the bass player in that Mike Patton-Dave Lombardo supergroup. Starting way back in the early Nineties and into now, Pearson has been involved in bands like the Crimson Curse, Some Girls, Head Wound City, Holy Molar and the gods of spazzy weirdness the Locust, as well, helping to shape the sound of hardcore as we know it. Whether through Dead Cross, Retox, his endless list of one-off collaborations or his Three One G label, Pearson has made an indelible mark on modern music. As such, we cornered Pearson to find out what moved him in 2017.

1) The Festival of Dead Deer (Live in San Diego)
One of the best bands to ever exist was resurrected in 2017.

2) Chelsea Wolfe (Live in San Diego — Specifically Fred Sablan's Bass Lines and Tone)
I'm a fan of Chelsea Wolfe, but seeing them live recently and discovering that Fred was currently the bassist ruled.

3) Metz - 'Strange Peace'
One of my all-time favorite bands never let's me down.

4) Panicker - Self-Titled Album
Maybe my favorite new album of 2017. I'm biased as it was released on Three One G, but I honestly love it.

5) Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Live in Los Angeles)
Seeing some of my favorite people play again in 2017 brought back such emotion. 

6) Bastard Noise (Live in San Diego)
Always changing and evolving, Eric Wood is by far one of the most unique artists around. 

7) 'Uncle Grandpa's Odd-yssey'
I finally made it as a cartoon voice! This was a lifelong dream come true. This episode is musically themed so it has relevance to this list.

8) Anal Trump - 'If You Thought 6,000,000 Jews Was a Lot of People, You Should've Seen My Inauguration!' 5-Inch EP
Anything that harms the ego of #45 is good in my eyes. This, though, is simply brilliant.

9) Silent (Live in Los Angeles)
Art reflects the world of the artist who is creating it.

10) Liars — 'TFCF'
I was pleasantly caught off guard with the lineup change. Such an odd musical entity.