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Best of 2017: Integrity's Dwid Hellion Picks Favorite Music of Past Year

Hardcore stalwart backs Amenra, Cavalera Conspiracy, Youth Code, more
dwid_hellion_by_jimmy_hubbard_9.jpg, Jimmy Hubbard
Integrity's Dwid Hellion, 2017
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

Outside of projects like Psywarfare and Roses Never Fade, among many, many others, Dwid Hellion is primarily known as the mastermind of long-running metalcore pioneers Integrity, responsible for bringing much evil vibes into the world of hardcore. Integrity's output in the Nineties up until now, with their 2017 LP Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume — one of the year's best — has not only lit up pits in every corner of the globe, but helped inspire the hardcore genre en masse. Considering Dwid and Integrity's influence, Revolver asked the trailblazing bandleader about the music that inspired him this year.

1. Amenra - 'Mass VI'
Old friends of mine who have been able to channel the lost spirit of Joy Division into a heavy sludge-metal Flemish demon.

2. Cavalera Conspiracy - 'Psychosis' 
The legendary brothers Cavalera always amaze. Their hunger for new and challenging aspects to their music is always an inspiration.

3. Midnight - 'Sweet Death and Ecstasy'
I have followed the career of Athenar since the early 1990s. His blackened roll & roll smashes through like a runaway freight train.

4. Full of Hell - 'Trumpeting Ecstasy'
Deranged noise maniacs who have thrown every single one of their musical influences into an electric blender, boiled the putrid contents to a scalding temperature and then endlessly proceed to pour the contents all over their adoring audience.

5. Como Mamas - 'Move Upstairs'
Mississippi gospel trio that deliver heart-felt songs about their love of Jesus.

6. G.A.T.E.S. - 'Back From the Grave'
The bastard offspring of Motörhead and G.I.S.M. return with another shattering album of Japanese metal-punk chaos.

7. Devil Master - 'Inhabit the Corpse'
Blackened punk that conjures up nightmares of ZOUO making love with devil!

8. Youth Code "Lost At Sea" (Chelsea Wolfe Remix) 
Apples and oranges. The true heir to the throne of Skinny Puppy and beyond. This duo are an unstoppable force!

9. Zepulkr - 'Héritrage Posthume'
Underground French black metal that pushes the boundaries of instrumentation and sound.

10. Creepout - 'Nekropolis'
Poisoning the Tokyo skies with silhouettes of holy terrorism, the nightmare never ends.


11. Iron Monkey - '9-13'
Undead lucha libre behemoths have reinvented themselves with their heart-pounding new album.