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Best of 2018: Daughters' Alexis Marshall Picks Favorite Music, Movies, Sports Event

Singer looks back on momentous year
daughters-6-credit-reid-haithcock.jpg, Reid Haithcock
Daughters 2018
photograph by Reid Haithcock

Daughters' new LP You Won't Get What You Want — the gnarly noise-rock crew's first in nearly a decade — marks one of 2018's best comeback stories and has been touted by Cold Cave/American Nightmare's Wes Eisold and Dead Cross/Planet B/Retox's Justin Pearson, among many others, as a favorite album of theirs from the last year. Singer Alexis Marshall and his band certainly made their mark on 2018, and 2018 made an impression him, too. We asked the Daughters frontman to share some of the highlights from the past 11 months and counting. Below is what he offered up.

Jaye Jayle - No Trail and Other Unholy Paths

I've had the pleasure of seeing this band a number of times and would consider Mr. Evan Patterson a dear friend. With that said, JJ's new album is as close to a religious experience as I've had in all my life. 

Bambara - Shadow On Everything

Listening to this record makes me feel like a leather-winged Death Valley vulture. I can't put Shadow on and go about my day — I'm consumed by its intensity. The mood it creates is inescapable. 

Lingua Ignota Live

Kristen [Hayter, a.k.a. Lingua Ignota] is doing something truly important in music. Her live sets are ripe with vulnerability and compassion – terror and anxiety. Her commitment to art and the emotional and physical cost her own performances demand of her, is precisely how it should be done.

My Second Viewing of Darren Aronofsky's 'Mother!'

My first viewing of this film left me feeling a bit weary. I wasn't sure if I was expected to pretend it made sense (like newer Lynch) or stand in admiration (like older Lynch). I watched again this year, now armed with the knowledge of Aronofsky's intentions — and my mind was blown. A remarkable film.

The 2018 Stanley Cup Finals

This was a win-win. We were either going to see future-hall-of-famer Alex Ovechkin win his first Cup in his 13 season NHL career, or we were going to see an expansion team (Vegas) take it all in their first season in the league. A once-in-a-lifetime hockey experience right there.