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Best of 2018: Failure's Kellii Scott Picks Favorite Music of Year

Alt-rock cult faves' drummer showcases eclectic taste, from Iron Maiden to Pusha T
Failures 'Kellii Scott, Priscilla C Scott
Failure's Kellii Scott, 2018
photograph by Priscilla C Scott

Alt-rock cult favorites Failure had a big 2018, releasing an ambitious series of four EPs, In the Future, Your Body Will Be, The Furthest Thing and From Your Mind across the year's first 11 months, all culminating in November's full-length In the Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing From Your Mind. Despite his band's prolific output and rigorous release schedule, Failure drummer Kellii Scott did more than just make music in 2018, of course; he even found time between EPs to listen to some other people's music. Below are his favorites from the last year.

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden, Killers, Piece of Mind, Number of the Beast (Reissues)

I have been a fan of Iron Maiden, especially these first four records. since I was 12. My 12-year-old self is ready to run home from school and rock out in front of the mirror with these four records until my mom screams "dinner time!"

Rush - Hemispheres (40th Anniversary)

I love all things Rush! I remember spending months as a kid trying to figure out every note on this record. Somehow thinking if I could play this record from start to finish, I was on my way to the big time. Such a perfect record and a testament to band chemistry and otherworldly talent. 

Beach House - 7

I was introduced to the band on their Depression Cherry record but this new one brings me further into the fan fold. There are a few songs on this record that I wish I had written. Beautiful record.

Saba - Care for Me

It's a raw and experimental gem. The stirring of influences and rhythm sets this record apart from any other hip-hop record I've heard. Every time I listen to it, more gets revealed. 

Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want

I think it's a masterpiece. The end ...

Baptists - Beacon of Faith

Every time I listen to this record is a holy shit moment ... without fail.

Eminem - Kamikaze

He's back. The fire and the energy that made us all fall in love with Em is back and this record is proof that something's got him burning for it again.

Prince - Piano & A Microphone

I love this record. Just a man and his songs. Listening to Prince stripped down to just the melody and piano gives me goosebumps. This record reveals even more of the man's beautiful soul and bottomless talent than ever before on previous recordings.

Visitors - Crest

I actually became friends with these guys last year when they started sending me music via Facebook. This record blew me away when I first heard it and I instantly became a fan and a champion of the band. If you don't have this record already you should go get it. I insist.

Pusha T - Daytona

I have to admit I knew nothing about Pusha T before this record, but since I got turned on to it I can't stop listening. I just love the biting energy with which he rhymes. Some really smart words on this record.