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Best of 2018: Life of Agony's Mina Caputo Picks Favorite Music, Moments and More

Weed, STP, a new drummer, a New Thought Minister and more
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photograph by Giovanni Reda

Brooklyn alt-metal veterans Life of Agony had a big 2018, spent touring hard in support of their latest album, last year's A Place Where There's No More Pain, and breaking in new drummer Veronica Bellino, who joined the band in January. The quartet capped it all off with two recent shows with fellow NYC heavy-music longtimers Sick of It All, the two groups' first shows together in their parallel 30-year careers. To further cap off 2018, we asked LOA vocalist Mina Caputo to share some of the highlights of her year. Below is what she offered up.

dsc_3452.jpg, Giovanni Reda
photograph by Giovanni Reda

1. Veronica Bellino Joining Life of Agony

Goes without saying, I'm so enthusiastic about this new incarnation of the band. Spiritually, musically, it's been inspiring and refreshing. There's a renewed, warrior-like fun, lots of creativity, light-heartedness. I see lots more records, traveling and just all-around creating a ton of great music. Indeed, one of the most special moments of the roadless Agony traveled.

2. The Neptune Darlings - Principium Sequentia

It's a complete honor to work with Ryan (Oldcastle), both in my solo band and here. He's a complete visionary: incredible artist, songwriter, guitar player. This is a special project, because it's just the two of us. We're free to detach, and get our heads inside this eclectic, exotic anti-music exploring the desolation of rock & roll. Our second record in seven years, it's a true departure from the first: It gives off weird, strange, fucked-up, but a stellar night-drive record. A true psychedelic's delight.

3. The Midnight - Nocturnal

While Life of Agony was on tour this past fall, Kaz (@titantours), our tour manger, turned me on to them.  They're enigmatic, cinematic, beautiful, sad, sexy — I'd love to do a track with them! Everyone needs some Midnight in their life.

5. FDA Approving Human Clinical Trials of Psilocybin for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Another step in the right direction; great to see the government starting to wake up and find ways to break away from pharmaceutical dependencies.  This "War on Drugs" nonsense is fundamentally a war of humanity's consciousness. Shamans and our ancestors have been using this extremely sacred fungi for millennia. It's fantastic to see its dignity restored, and earn the respect it lost in modern culture. Everyone should experience one to three doses of "magic" mushrooms in their life to have that otherworldly experience of digging a million layers deep within themselves to learn their true selves. It's quite honestly the most euphoric experiences one could ever have.

6. Massachusetts Voting to Support Statewide Transgender Rights in Public Accommodations

When things like this happen, I want to cry in celebration. Nobody, regardless of who you are, should be crushed for anything. Our universally-given rights to be happy shouldn't even be a question. It's disturbing to see how cisgender people feel they have the right to determine how everyone else should be or act. If every parent had a trans child, they'd truly understand, or at the very least, have a deeper understanding of what their child is experiencing. It blows my mind how somewhere like the United Arab Emirates, everyone is openly accepted, but here in America, you have issues like the media blurring trans issues or having your rights shifted to the voting ballot.


7. Joseph Murphy (Author, 1898-1981)

He's written 277 books! Mind-blowing. This man's soul is infinite intelligence itself — I find him unbelievable. They call him a New Thought Minister. He's all about expanding upon the cosmic power hidden within: to achieve physical and spiritual success by calling upon the great power of The Universe and to expose you to the unadorned truth of who you truly are. His words give me strength, encouragement, excitement, faith; he provides all sorts of methods on how one should live their life and how to bring great manifestations.

8. More Animals Removed from the Endangered Species List

When I look into my dog's eyes, the world stops. I can feel her majesty; the way she perceives. All the animals — from insects to whales — are speaking to us, but we are not listening.  Only those dedicating their lives to keeping the populations of the endangered species growing are. We as a global society need to open up our hearts much more and co-exist peacefully. We created the mess, we need to continue repairing it.

9. Lou Reed's Birthday Celebration/Neil Hilborn

What a night — fucking magical being surrounded with the musicians, band and crew that have been with Lou his entire life. Being able to sing "Candy Darling," and sharing the stage with them. Also being with another great wordsmith/poet, Neil Hilborn. I had a great time sharing the stage with him; witnessing his ability to being able to channel this higher awareness in a very rusty, raw way was a trip!

10. Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots

Their new album is an absolute smash — it's now one of my favorite records by them, yes, I said it! Of course, I'll always love Scott, and everything he did with the band, however, Jeff is real special, and the work he accomplished is impeccable. As always, the de Leo Brothers continue to be my John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page. I'm looking forward to future records. I'll always be a fan. I feel like they never can do me wrong.