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Best of 2019: Bossk's Tom Begley Picks Favorite Albums of Year

Bassist sings praises of Tool, Whitechapel, Torche and many more
Bossk's Tom Begley (far left)

2019 has been one of the biggest years in heavy music in recent memory, with heavyweights such as Tool, Slipknot and Rammstein dropping long-awaited new albums, while trailblazing up-and-comers pushed boundaries in their own right. For his part, Tom Begley spent much of his year working his band Bossk's new full-length, the follow-up to 2016's Audio Noir, which is due next year via Deathwish Inc. With that in mind, we asked the bassist to share some of his favorite albums from this year — below is what he offered up.

10. Mizmor - Cairn

I only really got into this artist on the last album, but this new one really is something special. Brutally heavy, but has some edge of elegance that most bands like this don't have. Very dark and brooding at times. Amazing artwork. Not for the faint-hearted, but some serious tone on this release. 

9. Wear Your Wounds - Rust on the Gates of Heaven

A huge progression on from the last record, so many more textures and sounds on this one than the previous. Heartfelt lyrics and some awesome Pink Floyd worship lead parts that I really loved. I hope one day Bossk can share the stage with them. Can't wait for the next step on their journey. My favorite release on Deathwish this year. 

8. Russian Circles - Blood Year

[Russian Circles] have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time now, and they still somehow mange to out do themselves on each record. My favorite bass player is Brian — monstrous tone at all times. The heavy riff in the last song might be the riff of the year for me.

7. Tyler, The Creator - Igor

While I'm not the world's biggest hip-hop fan, this record is very interesting sounding and the first time I'd ever listened to this artist. Really cool vibe to the whole thing — catchy, meaningful and at times, kinda dark. Love the way that Tyler portrays himself, too, very unique in a scene dominated by artists trying to be the next cool thing. 

6. Torche - Admission

To be honest, I haven't really been too bothered about their last few records, but this latest one sees them return to being kings of the riff. This album sounds fresh an reinvigorated. Very cool production, fits the band's awesome guitar tones so well. Very happy to hear them still putting out awesome material. 

5. Whitechapel - The Valley

Slightly biased here, as the boys are old friends of mine. But this album sees them stepping out from the death-metal world and adding some amazing new elements that remind me of Tool and Deftones. Huge riffs, too. 

4. Sleep Token - Sun Downing

Bit of an odd record all round, but I saw them live this year and the band really clicked for me. Very cool to see a British band being brave, and trying to do something a little different. Crosses multiple genre boundaries, huge melodies and some very cool sounding dark, brooding passages. 

3. Alcest - Spiritual Instinct

I only discovered [them] on their last record, which is an absolute belter. I was very curious as to how they were going to progress on from such a strong previous release. This new album takes their sound another few steps forward, and also sees them head into new territory. Such amazing vocal melodies and epic post-rock sections. 

2. Cult of luna - A Dawn to Fear

One of my other favorite artists ever, and a huge inspiration for our band. They constantly deliver only exceptional material, and still evolving as a band. Heavy, elegant, dark and brooding album that is fast becoming one of their strangest releases. 

1. Tool - Fear Inoculum

The easiest end-of-year album choice that's ever existed, really. Truly pioneers of a sound that blew my mind from the very first listen 15-plus years ago. This new album was everything I wanted it to be. Brilliant band and an outstanding album.