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Best New Songs Right Now: 10/14/22

Gojira, Tallah, All Out War and more
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Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for new songs to bang our heads to — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in deathcore, noise-rock, heavy metal and more that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in an ever-evolving Spotify playlist.

Lorna Shore - "Wrath"

Listening to deathcore is like watching wrestling. You know there's gonna be a breakdown. You know it's gonna be an absolute ass-kicker. But you're in it for more than just the final blow. Lorna Shore always deliver a violent K.O., but half the fun is hearing what Will Ramos does with his voice before and after. Usually, he saves his throat and lets the low growls rumble until the piercing breakdown, but on the massively heavy "Wrath," he lets loose his serpentine screech from the jump. The deathcore equivalent of chucking your opponent out of the ring in the first 10 seconds. Badass.

Gojira - "Our Time is Now"

Sports arena metal is a whole subset of heavy music that can either be incredibly cheesy or fist-pumpingly awesome. Gojira's songs are epic and heavy enough to emanate through a gladiator coliseum, so the Frenchman were the obvious pick for EA Sports' NHL 23 videogame soundtrack. Their original contribution, "Our Time is Now," is clearly written with the express purpose of getting your blood pumping while your thumbs command the ice, but it still has all the musical nuance of Fortitude's most triumphant cuts. Play it loud.

All Out War - "Glorious Devastation"

All Out War are quite possibly the heaviest hardcore band of all time. That's a bold statement, but the Poughkeepsie crew have been consistently delivering excoriating records since the late 90s that pound, thrash and shriek with the world-obliterating force of death-metal, all while maintaining the urgent energy of hardcore. They're also far from washed, as evidenced by their new single, "Glorious Devastation." From the very first second, it's galloping with full death-metal force, and Mike Score's fire-breathing voice has never sounded more threatening.

Tallah - "For the Recognition"

Tallah are the masters of nu-core. No one else is channeling the madcap intensity of Slipknot's Iowa through metallic hardcore breakdowns and panicky riffs as seamlessly as this Pennsylvania crew. "For the Recognition" is so fucking heavy, but it's also nervy and wiry and packed to the gills with frenetic character. Their best songs (like this one) have a pulse to them that doesn't feel predictable or manufactured, so when the yelly-singy chorus does arrive, it doesn't sound forced. It just sounds like where the song needs to go — and then it's somewhere else. 

Weeping Icon - "Pigs, Shit and Trash"

Many have tried, and most have failed, at replicating the squally hypnoticism of Sonic Youth's punk years. Weeping Icon succeed. The New York band's 2019 LP is a fantastic collection of clattering social commentary that gave the thrumming noise of Sister-era SY a fresh face, and "Pigs, Shit and Trash" takes their sound a step further. Over a buzzing bassline, the jagged post-punk riffs duel with razor-sharp vocals slapped in the kind of reverb that evokes a dingy warehouse rager. So sick.

Make Them Suffer - "Doomswitch"

Make Them Suffer parted ways with their previous keyboardist-clean-vocalist earlier this year, but "Doomswitch," their first single with the new person in that role, is the mark of a band looking toward the future. There's something in the Australian waters that fuels so many amazing djent riffs, and "Doomswitch" has plenty of them — utter tidal waves of down-tuned grooviness that're offset by new singer Alex Reade's misty cleans. They're back, and they sound like they never left.