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The Bronx: Hear L.A. Punk Crew's High-Octane New Song "White Shadow"

Band announces new full-length 'Bronx VI' with "frantic mind-unraveling" track

Revolver has teamed with the Bronx for an exclusive Clear With Orange Splatter vinyl variant of their forthcoming new record, Bronx VI. Quantities are extremely limited — so order now before they're gone!

Long-running Los Angeles punk crew the Bronx are back. Today (March 24th) the band announced the impending arrival of their sixth full-length, Bronx VI, with the release of its intense lead single "White Shadow."

"[It's] a song about spiraling," says singer Matt Caughthran. "Wild-eyed guitars, drums and bass mixed with a high-speed chase and a frantic mind unraveling. Classic fucking Bronx."

The new 11-song album, the follow-up to 2017's V, was produced by Joe Barresi (Tool, Melvins, Bad Religion) and is scheduled to drop on August 27th via Cooking Vinyl.

"I'm excited," says Bronx guitarist Joby Ford. "From day one we really decided that we wanted to make a record that went in different directions and places. The thing I like a lot about it is that everybody contributed songs. It's not just Joby J. Ford guitars with Matt singing over it. I loved listening to what other people wrote, and I think those differences and nuances really come through."

"We've known each other for a long time," adds Caughthran, "and we're such good friends and we're so tight creatively, but we're still learning stuff about each other, especially when it comes to the process of creating an album. [Bassist] Brad [Magers] and [guitarist] Ken [Horne] are just coming out as songwriters and we're learning to write songs as a group around ideas they bring to the table. This is a really important record for us growth-wise because it kicked down a lot of doors that needed to be kicked down. I feel like now going forward the sky is the limit."


The Bronx joined Barresi at his House of Compression studio in Pasadena, California, to complete Bronx VI. "He was just the perfect guy for this record," says Caughthran of the recording experience. "We went in feeling really good about all the songs, and we just needed someone to make them sound fucking badass and take it to the next level. That was definitely Joe."

Bronx VI will be available digitally, on CD and in a number of vinyl variants, including Orange Crush, Orange and Black Galaxy (U.S. webstore exclusive), Orange With Black Splatter (U.K. webstore exclusive) and a Revolver-exclusive version in Clear With Orange Splatter.

Each song on Bronx VI will also be available as an individual, limited-edition 7-inch single featuring unique artwork from a hand-picked group of artists. (The artist for "White Shadow" is Philadelphia-based graphic artist Jeremy Dean.) The 7-inches can be purchased individually, or as part of monthly subscription called the "Mirror Press" series. This subscription option is limited to 400 fans, each of which will receive all 7-inches in the series plus a collectible wooden box embossed with the band's logo to store the singles.

Bronx VI track list:

  1. White Shadow
  2. Superbloom
  3. Watering The Well
  4. Curb Feelers
  5. Peace Pipe
  6. High Five
  7. Mexican Summer
  8. New Lows
  9. Breaking News
  10. Jack of All Trades
  11. Participation Trophy