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Cannibal Corpse's Pat O'Brien Arrested for Burglary, Charging at Deputy With Knife

Guitarist was taken into custody after allegedly breaking into occupied Florida home
patrick-obrien-cannibalcorpse-chelsea-laurengettywireimage.jpg, Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images
Patrick O’Brien performing with Cannibal Corpse, San Bernardino, California, 2014
photograph by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Pat O' Brien, lead guitarist for Cannibal Corpse, has been arrested for breaking into a Northdale, Florida, home and then running at a deputy with a knife. 

ABC Tampa Bay reports that O'Brien, 53, allegedly broke into a home in the Northdale neighborhood where two people were inside. One of them told him to leave, after which the guitarist reportedly pushed the other person down and fled through the backyard. When deputies arrived on the scene, O'Brien did not respond to their commands and ran at one of the deputies while holding a knife, and was tazed by another deputy. He was then arrested, charged with "Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer with Deadly Weapon and Burglary Occupied Dwelling with Assault or Battery," according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. He is being held with no bond at this time.

Patrick O’Brien, 2018
photograph by Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

ABC News Tampa has also reported that a house near where O'Brien was arrested — in which O'Brien was allegedly a resident — burst into flames Monday night. When Hillsborough County Fire Rescue arrived at the scene they discovered that live ammunition rounds and flamethrowers were exploding inside the house.

Both incidents are currently under investigation. Yesterday, Cannibal Corpse were announced to be joining Slayer on the latest leg of their farewell tour