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Chris Adler Picks His Top 3 Metal Albums of All Time

Ex-Lamb of God drummer hails "game-changing" extreme-metal, "the Bible" of thrash and more

Drum wizard Chris Adler, formerly of Lamb of God and currently of Firstborne, has opened up about his personal metal canon. In a Cameo request for the Sobre La Dosis YouTube channel, the iconic percussionist revealed his personal top three metal albums of all time, and the results are an interesting spread. The 49-year-old hails Megadeth's Peace Sells...but Who's Buying?Meshuggah's Destroy Erase Improve and Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime as his Big Three, and he explained both his ordering and his reasoning for each pick. 

"I think for a long time, Peace Sells by Megadeth was absolutely… I would've told you it was the Bible of everything metal," Adler said. "In that, I kind of grew into a bit more [of a taste for] technicality. I really do enjoy, especially the guitarwork, [on] Megadeth's album Rust In Peace. I think that's probably...that or Peace Sells is my number one album.

"Then the second best metal album ever, wow. It's gotta be Destroy Erase Improve by Meshuggah. I think that just turned everything in metal upside down. I think there's not been a band since them that's changed the whole game the way they did. Especially with that album. I really like the album they did before that as well, and of course everything that followed. But that was a game-changing album.

"And my third based on songwriting and production, is an album called Operation: Mindcrime by the band Queensrÿche. Still, to this day, [it's] one of my favorite things to listen to. Great songwriting, great talent in the band, and just awesome all around."

Those are three great picks that can definitely be heard in Adler's equally aggressive and technical playstyle. Watch the full video with his response above via YouTube.