See Dead Cross, Retox, Qui Members "Nail That Coffin Shut" in C*nts' Raging New Video | Revolver

See Dead Cross, Retox, Qui Members "Nail That Coffin Shut" in C*nts' Raging New Video

L.A. punk rockers unleash savage single "The Nail"

Back in November 2019, we premiered the ferocious music video for "Ass to Grind," a standout cut off Cunts' self-titled debut, released by Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings. The L.A. noise-punk rabble-rousers include among their ranks guitarist Michael Crain (Dead Cross, Retox) and vocalist Matt Cronk (Qui), and true to their moniker, they aim to shock and offend. To that end, no punches are pulled with the band's latest offering, "The Nail," a vein-bursting rager that was written and recorded amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and packs all the frustration and outrage of our uncertain times into three explosive minutes. Cunts have teamed with Revolver today (July 8th) to debut the song along with its stark, black-and-white music video, which was directed by Bryan Hamilton and features a cameo by the Nokturnal Ryderz MC. Watch and listen above.

"The track is basically about the fear and uncertainty of living through a pandemic and facing a legitimate apocalypse in the midst of a massive social revolution," Cronk tells us. Crain adds, "To me, the title of the track encapsulates it all. The nail, the end, the end of the old, the death of the old ways, the old system, the death of bigotry, racists and the old system. Nail that coffin shut."

While "The Nail" will not be available digitally, it will be released physically on vinyl as part of Neon Corpse Parade, a 12-inch compilation on Sweatband Records featuring 19 songs from 19 bands. The comp is available for pre-order now.

neon corpse parade cover art