Coarse: Watch Noisy Hardcore Duo's Trippy New "Shed" Remix Video With Hash Gordon | Revolver

Coarse: Watch Noisy Hardcore Duo's Trippy New "Shed" Remix Video With Hash Gordon

Crew enlists rapper for "no boundaries" electro-punk assault, kinetic retro-CGI visual

Coarse, the duo of Brandon Gallagher and Ryan Knowles, have been called "feral rock" for good reason. One listen to "Shed (Precious Death Remix)" a track remixed by artist and producer Precious Death and featuring rapper Hash Gordon, and you'll hear the feverish, unrestrained rage of the group's energy. A new video for the song makes its appearance today featuring the retro-futuristic, neon horror of a computer-generated landscape influenced by late-1990s big-budget MTV videos that "relied heavily on green screens and elaborate wardrobe made popular by P. Diddy, Missy Elliot, and Mase," Gallagher explains. 

"The Precious Death x Hash Gordon collaboration on our track 'Shed' really exemplifies our vision of having no boundaries," Gallagher continues while telling Revolver about the band's decision-making process. "Musically it has a very electro-punk aesthetic with obvious nods to artists like Mindless Self Indulgence, but captures a party anthem mood to the likes of a Clipse track off Lord Willin', while featuring a staple feral rock Coarse riff. We were able to create something and showcase our friends in a super unconventional way. We started Coarse because Ryan and I were tired of the same old bullshit."

When asked about his approach to the remix, Precious Death says he was influenced by the 1997 movie Spawn's big-ticket soundtrack that featured several big MTV acts of the era like Marilyn Manson, Korn, The Crystal Method, and Incubus, "I wanted to capture that energy of thinking outside the box in a modern way with how I mixed industrial, hardcore, and rap together," he explains. "I made the beat for it and immediately hit up Hash Gordon for it. I knew his raw and punk influence would go along way and he surpassed my expectations for it."

Gordon, who has performed at numerous hardcore, metal, and punk artists' shows, comments, "Being a rap artist who has a huge hardcore, punk and metal background as well, it's been a goal of mine to work with more bands and get my name/face into other crowds outside of hip hop... Seeing two worlds come together is beautiful."

"Shed" comes from Coarse's most recent release Cut and Preserved, out now via 6131 Records. Pick up a copy of that record on their Bandcamp or at this location