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Coheed and Cambria Drummer to Have Heart Surgery After Fainting Onstage

Band cancels tour dates as Josh Eppard deals with health issues
Coheed and Cambria 2018 , Manuel Casanova
photograph by Manuel Casanova

Coheed and Cambria drummer Josh Eppard fainted onstage in Orlando, Florida, this past Saturday, October 26th, but decided to finish the set after checking in with paramedics. However, Eppard sought further advice from his doctor at home and the situation is worse than expected, leading the band to cancel all remaining 2019 tour dates in order to let their bandmate deal with his health issues. 

"Josh's doctors advised him to undergo a procedure called a 'cardiac ablation' in the coming weeks," the group explained via a "big announcement" on social media. "This procedure will close an 'extra pathway' to Josh's heart, which has been causing an irregular heartbeat for some time, and is believed to be responsible for the occurrence in FL." 

They continued, "Due to the necessity of this procedure, Coheed and Cambria will be canceling the rest of our 2019 dates to let Josh get back to full health, so that we can make sure there will be a World for Tomorrow." The group apologized to fans who purchased tickets on the Midwestern and Australian tour dates the band had lined up, adding that "bigger and better plans" will be announced in the near future. See below to read the full statement and stay tuned to find out when Coheed will be back to the full-time grind.