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Coheed and Cambria Singer on How Jack Nicholson's Joker Inspired "Old Flames" Video

Claudio Sanchez joins choreographer Jon Rua of 'Hamilton' fame, director Chaz Todd for making-of clip

Currently enjoying the success of the band's latest endeavor, album and coordinating graphic novel Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures, Coheed and Cambria leader Claudio Sanchez sat down with director Chaz Todd and choreographer Jon Rua to discuss the making of the "Old Flames" video, which was released back in September. Tying the theme into an inspirational comic book movie in the same vein, Sanchez recalls, "It reminded me of this moment from the 1989 Batman film, where the Joker is sort of walking through the museum...marking up all of these paintings. There's Prince music playing in the background. I know that's not a dance number, but the song just felt like that."

Todd chimes in, relaying the story of how he was contacted and saw the video's dance sequences and exploratory nature as a great opportunity: "As a director, that's a dream. You don't often get a chance to really go out there and experiment." 

The singer explains further that the video is a continuation of the theme created with the previous Heavenly Creatures video, claiming that video "posed the questions" while "this video answers them." Behind the scenes shot juxtaposed with snippets of the official video give insight behind the filming process. The mini documentary ends with Rua stating excitedly, "You know when you tell someone you love them, and you don't have any shame saying it? I love Coheed, man."