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Come Mierda: See Grindcore Band's Riotous New Video for "Perros"

New Jersey's rising grind-punk purveyors compile protest footage in fiery new visual

Come Mierda don't even have a proper demo out yet and they're already a band worth paying attention to. The quartet from Carlstadt, New Jersey, have two songs out that squirm between fiery fast-punk and gnashing grindcore. One of those tracks is a heater called "Perros," and today we're stoked to be premiering its revolutionary music video. 

Released back in March of this year, "Perros" is an aggro burner wtih punk snares, punk reverb on the vocals but riffs and rhythms that are closer to traditional grindcore. Sung half in Spanish and half in English, its lyrics offer time-tested slogans calling for political action: "Out with the truth/We know the lies/We won't stand for it/Stand up and fight/Fight back."

Fittingly, its music video offers a visual aid to those rebellious themes. In between shots of the band ripping through a venue performance, the band and Tage Barbato of Mind Decay Productions stitched together a bunch of protest footage from throughout history into a compelling call to action. Cops and civilians clashing, buildings burning, bombs dropping and people showing how fed-up they are with the status-quo. 

If you have as much of an affinity for Napalm Death as you do Los Crudos, then Come Mierda are for you. Check out the "Perros" video above via YouTube and keep an eye out for their upcoming demo that's being released on RTF Records and Wallrider Records.