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Contrition: Hear Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad Screech on Crushing "For Misery"

Destructive Chicago death metal band boasts members of Yakuza and Chrome Waves
Contrition Press 2021 Dave Rast, Dave Rast
photograph by Dave Rast

Contrition are a new band from Chicago who make death metal that can best be described as desctructive. Boasting current and former members of Yakuza, Chrome Waves, Nachtmystium and more, this quartet of veteran players have the experience to craft truly superior metal, and they do it with all of the pummeling force of spry newcomers. 

Next month, Contrition will release their debut album, Broken Mortal Coil, via Disorder Recordings, and today we're stoked to be premiering its crushing lead single, "For Misery," which features a guest appearance from the prolific Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad

Like any great death metal song, "For Misery" doesn't take long to get going, beginning with a buzzsaw guitar lick and a mighty roar from frontman Jerome Marshall, whose ragged vocals have a sludgy girth to them that really gives this band its power. 

Strnad makes his appearance during a breakdown in the middle section, lending his signature screech in between Marshall's growls as a bright note of guitar feedback rings in the background, creating a beautiful juxtaposition to the hideous singing. It's a total ripper, and you can listen below via Bandcamp. 

"After spending most of the last couple years focusing on the more melodic side of things, the lockdown felt like the perfect time to work on something a little heavier," guitarist Jeff Wilson says. "With the dissolution of Doomsday and Wolvhammer, I had a ton of riffs to work from and it seemed logical to take that direction and turn up the filth tenfold."

He continues, "Jon [Woodring], Garry [Naples] and Jerome were obvious choices to approach about coming onboard for this album and they defied my expectations in bringing these rough ideas to life. Having Trevor guest on this particular track was the proverbial icing on the cake."

Other tracks on Broken Mortal Coil feature guest appearances by members of Impaler, Gridfailure and Graveripper, and the record ends with a cover of Nirvana's "Tourettes." It's out October 29th via Disorder Recordings and can be pre-ordered here