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Converge Bloodmoon: See Stunning Photos of London Show

Expanded lineup with Chelsea Wolfe and more took U.K. by storm
converge bloodmoon_alexpalace_22_-_-8.jpg, Thomas Hooper
photograph by Thomas Hooper

Converge's expanded "Bloodmoon" lineup — featuring goth-rock chanteuse Chelsea Wolfe, multi-instrumentalist Ben Chisholm and Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky — has only played a handful of live shows, so when they do perform together, it's not just any ol' concert, it's a bona fide event.

On Tuesday, June 28th, such an event took place in London, England, where the Alexandra Palace Theatre was reimagined as a place of mystical worship both by the supergroup and its transcendent post-metal musing, and by the transformative stage lighting by John Michael Schaub. Visual artist Thomas Hooper was on hand with his camera to capture the moment — see some of his standout shots below.

converge bloodmoon_alexpalace_22_-_-4.jpg
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