Cops, Guns, Kidnapping: See Jinjer's Freaky New "Disclosure" Video | Revolver

Cops, Guns, Kidnapping: See Jinjer's Freaky New "Disclosure" Video

Ukrainian alt-metalcore band turn the tables on their critics in surreal new visual

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Among the music videos Jinjer have released this year, having frontwoman Tatiana Shmayluk wield guns seems to be a running theme. Following the bullet-spraying visual for "Wallflower," the Ukrainian alt-metalcore group have dropped a surreal new video for "Disclosure!" — one of the heaviest and most frenzied songs from their 2021 album, Wallflowers — that also features her waving around a pistol. 

This mini movie begins with Shmayluk being apprehended and interrogated by some sort of corrupt cop who's shoving press clippings into her face (including what appears to be a scan of Revolver's 2019 Jinjer cover story) and demanding details about her life.

The officer is seemingly a metaphor for the public scrutiny that Jinjer now face as members of a well-known metal act, but in this instance, the tables turn when Shmayluk gains control of the cop's gun and makes his mouth disappear with a fatal kiss on the lips. It only gets wilder from there, so you'll have to watch above to see what happens. 

"The track 'Disclosure!' and the video itself is very important for Jinjer," bassist Eugene Abdukhanov commented. "Not only is it one of our favorite tracks on the new album as well as live, our ex-guitarist Dmitriy Oksen stars in the video and was great to work with him again, even if it's in a different capacity now."

"Believe it or not it is not always easy being in the spotlight all the time," he adds. "With each success this band reaches there are a huge amount of expectations from the outside that come with each step we make. From personal opinions to politics and now to the pandemic, our every move is scrutinized and judged by the outside. Although it's not always fun, we would not have it any other way."