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Corey Taylor Picks Favorite Slipknot Mask

And reveals that "none" of them have ever been comfortable
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To celebrate the release of Slipknot's new album THE END, SO FAR, frontman Corey Taylor participated in a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") in which he answered dozens of questions that were submitted by fans from all over the world. In addition to revealing the three albums he'd take to a desert island, the singer also revealed his favorite mask that he's ever worn during his tenure in Slipknot.

After a fan asked him point blank to pick the visage that he enjoys most, Taylor said "this one," referring to the freaky mask he's been wearing since Slipknot returned to the stage post-pandemic in Fall 2021. He also revealed that it was "certainly inspired" by the look of Dr. Philip K. Decker, a character in David Cronenberg's 1990 horror flick, Nightbreed, which is a comparison that fans have been making since Taylor fist debuted the mask.

That said, despite feeling that his current getup is his best looking, Taylor certainly didn't herald it as his favorite based on how it feels. When someone asked him to pick his "most and least comfortable" masks from throughout the years, Taylor quipped, "None and all."

He said his current one is particularly "not great" when it comes to obstructing his vision. "I'm '89 Batman up there — have to turn my head from the shoulders."

As for the other members of Slipknot, Taylor also named which of his bandmates has the coolest looking mask. "Sid's is ridicks," Taylor said when asked to pick his favorite out of his other eight bandmates.

See Taylor's full AMA here.