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Corey Taylor Reveals 3 Surprising Bands Who Inspired Slipknot's 'THE END, SO FAR'

Only one of them is a metal band
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It's always been obvious that Slipknot are influenced by a wide variety of musicians. Each of the Iowa band's nine members have unique tastes of their own, and the way their collective inspirations flow into Slipknot is part of what makes the band's sound so singular and ever-evolving. 

In a recent Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything"), frontman Corey Taylor was asked if there were any particular artists or songs that influenced the direction Slipknot took on their new album, THE END, SO FAR. He didn't name any individual tracks, but he did mention three artists who supposedly impacted the record's eclectic sound.

"The Cure, Death, Prodigy" was the response Taylor gave, three completely different-sounding — though all incredibly important — bands whose thumbprint can be heard on THE END, SO FAR, if not directly than at least spiritually. 

The Cure's melancholy yet pretty goth-rock is an obvious inspiration for Slipknot's moodier cuts; Death's brilliant fusion of extreme-metal heaviness and melodic yet pummeling riffage is a dynamic Slipknot clearly borrow from; and the Prodigy's bold blurring of the lines between electronic music, punk and anthemic rock mirrors the diffuse elements that Slipknot bring together on THE END, SO FAR

So yeah, Taylor's choices check out. Previously, he also said that the song "Yen" was written with a Type O Negative vibe in mind, and that it sees Slipknot "kind of touching our inner Tom Waits in weird ways." Again, these guys pull from all sorts of music, and it shows on THE END, SO FAR

See Taylor's full AMA here.