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Counterparts Announce New Album, Drop Crushing Single "Unwavering Vow"

Metalcore band are returning with their first LP since 2019's 'Nothing Left to Love'

Revolver has teamed with Counterparts for an exclusive vinyl variant of their new album, A Eulogy for Those Still Here. Only 400 made — order yours now!

Counterparts are back. The Canadian group fronted by Brendan Murphy have been specializing in a specific breed of metalcore that's equal parts influenced by emotional hardcore and catchier, more anthemic punk music, and later this fall they'll unleash their first opus in three years, A Eulogy for Those Still Here. The follow-up to 2019's Nothing Left to Love was shaped by Murphy's fixation with "mourning the loss of someone that's still alive or saying goodbye to something that hasn't left yet," and they've offered up a lead single called "Unwavering Vow" to give listeners a preview.

At once intensely heavy and cathartic, longtime Counterparts fans won't be disappointed and newer listeners have a great representation of their sound to sink their teeth into. Listen above while watching its music video via YouTube. 

A Eulogy for Those Still Here is out October 7th via Pure Noise Records and is now available for pre-order in a variety of formats. One of those is a Revolver-exclusive vinyl variant on "blood red" colored vinyl that's limited to 400 copies worldwide. Order yours now!

Counterparts a eulogy vinyl admat 1018x1018

A Eulogy for Those Still Here tracklist: 
1. 07/26/2020
2. Whispers of Your Death
3. Bound To The Burn
4. Unwavering Vow
5. A Eulogy For Those Still Here
6. Skin Beneath A Scar
7. Sworn To Silence
8. What Mirrors Might Reflect
9. Soil II
10. Flesh To Fill Your Wounds
11. A Mass Grave of Saints