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Cradle of Filth's Dani Filth Picks Favorite Misfits, Danzig Albums

Black-metal icon is a diehard fan of his current tourmate
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Dani Filth performing with Cradle of Filth, London, England, October 31th, 2021
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Tonight (May 5th), Danzig and Cradle of Filth will embark on what's quickly become one of the most anticipated tours of 2022 — and one that Danzig told us might be his last. The 10-date run featuring the horror-punk icon and the English black-metal eccentrics might seem like a bit of an odd musical pairing, but as Dani Filth said during a new interview with Metal Injection, he and Danzig have actually been friends for years and the tour's inception was a natural handshake between good pals.

In the same interview, Filth was asked if there's an album from Danzig's solo career that he considers "seminal," particularly if he prefers 1988's Danzig I or his 1990 follow-up, Danzig II: Lucifuge. The Cradle of Filth frontman not only chose his favorite of the two, he also picked his favorite Danzig album altogether and named the Misfits record he most prefers. 

"Yeah, the first one definitely," Filth said of his preference for Danzig I over II. "But my favorite is Danzig 4. I just got a thing about that record. It's great. As for Misfits, I'd probably say the reissue of Static Age. It's actually better than Legacy of Brutality, which was very confusing. It has these confusing like dates, timings on the back, and it didn't sound as good as the stuff they found and then re-released with 'In the Doorway' as well. That's a great record."

For those in the back, Static Age is technically Misfits' debut album, but it was shelved after its 1978 recording and never released in full until 1996. Many of its songs were compiled in semi-re-recorded form on 1985's Legacy of Brutality comp, but many Misfits-heads, including Filth, prefer the 1996 version.

The point is Filth knows his shit, and you can check out the full list of dates with Danzig here, and the sizable U.S. headlining tour CoF are embarking on afterwards right here