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Creepy Priest Meets Woman With Sickle in Tribulation's Dramatic "The Lament" Video

Swedish metal outfit unveils thunderous first single off upcoming album 'Down Below'

Swedish metal outfit Tribulation have a new album on the way. Down Below, the follow-up to 2015's The Children of the Night, will be unleashed on January 26th, 2018 via Century Media. It'll be preceded by a new 7-inch EP, Lady Death, on December 22nd; the title track, b/w "Skärselden," is included on Down Below.

Tribulation also unveiled a haunting music video for "The Lament," Down Below's first single. The sweeping visual, directed by Robert Piel, finds the Swedes tearing through their new ripper in the wilderness in the dead of night, flanked by torches; elsewhere, a mysterious woman has a bizarre sit-down dinner with a creepy priest (the menu consists of white dove and red wine), only to come at him later with a sickle. Girl power!

"We always plant strange seeds, seeds that when fully grown and ripened have taken their own often unexpected twists and turns," Tribulation say of their "The Lament" visual. "When working with this video we got to share that process with someone else who is also planting strange seeds. Director and producer Robert Piel approached us and wanted to make a collaboration, which was something that we gladly accepted after seeing his previous work and after seeing how well we got along and how our cinematic references really overlapped."

The band continues: "It's rare that you find people who have that creative spark that lacks in most of us and the discipline to fully get the job done. Robert and his entire crew had that! They all put a lot of effort and work into this and we all gladly endured the long and cold German nights. We hope you all enjoy our artistic amalgamation!"

Thanks, gentlemen — we most certainly will. Watch "The Lament" now, and scroll on for Down Below's album artwork and track listing. Pre-orders are up now for both the forthcoming LP and Lady Death.

Tribulation Down Below Album Art

Tribulation - Down Below track listing

1. "The Lament"
2. "Nightbound"
3. "Lady Death"
4. "Subterranea"
5. "Purgatorio"
6. "Cries From The Underworld"
7. "Lacrimosa"
8. "The World"
9. "Here Be Dragons"
10. "Come, Become, To Be" *

* connotes bonus track