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Dan Donegan Picks Best Disturbed Song for Introducing New Fans

Guitarist picks track with an uplifting message of perserverence
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Disturbed are undoubtedly one of the most popular metal bands of the 21st century. Since their 2000 debut, The Sickness, the band — fronted by David Draiman — have built up a discography of eight albums (including their new one, Divisive) that sonically range from crushing nu-metal and anthemic hard rock to tender acoustic balladry. Therefore, it's not exactly clear where a fledgling listener should start if they want to hear Disturbed for the first time.

For them, Revolver is here to help with our "Point of Entry" series, in which we ask artists to pick the single standout cut from across their entire catalog that they believe is the best place for virgin listeners to begin their journey. Below, Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan does the honors.

"The Light"

It's tough to choose one song ... Obviously, they're all so personal to us and [they document] whatever's going on in our lives in those moments — there's great importance to all of them. We've gone down different paths in recent years with acoustic stuff and "The Sound of Silence" and a couple ballads, and then you have the old-school sounds.

So, it might not paint the full picture of who we are, but I think a strong song for me that I love to show people and I think might be a great introduction is "The Light," which we did on the Immortalized album.

Mainly because I just love it lyrically and vibe-wise, and just its message — the [chorus], "Sometimes darkness can show you the light." I think it's just such a powerful lyric because no matter who you are, we've all gone through hard times and dark times. I like that we always do our best to try to spread some positivity, for the most part, and send that positive message to give people hope, to try to find power and strength to get through those tough times.

I mean, that's why we do it and write these songs for ourselves, because of the struggles that we have, and the darkness that we may be going through at times. We've all had some struggles like anybody else. There're family issues. We've all lost people close to us — fathers, brothers. So "The Light" is just such an uplifting, positive message of trying to remind people that we have those dark moments. Sometimes we need that [reminder] to show us the light [so we can] fight through that pain.