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DANNY CAREY picks hardest TOOL songs to play live

He makes them all look easy — but they're not
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TOOL's Danny Carey has written and recorded some of the most spectacular drum parts in metal history, which is all fun and games until he has to play those fuckers live every night on tour.

Recently, Carey's drum tech Joe Slaby filmed himself asking the drummer to pick the most difficult TOOL songs to play live. He obviously had so many options to choose from, but ultimately selected three songs that are challenging for several different reasons.

"For endurance, it's 'The Grudge,'" Carey said of the eight-and-a-half-minute Lateralus epic. "Because if we're not in tour shape my hands almost cramp up, because of all the Swiss triplets. It's just a real physical song overall, there's some double kick stuff in there."

Then, he selected two other, more recent songs that also give him a run for his money when TOOL throw them on the setlist.

"The trickiest ones might be 'Invincible' or '7empest,'" he said, mentioning two tracks off 2019's Fear Inoculum. "The newer ones. Just because I'm not used to it."

Listen to all three songs below. TOOL just announced a massive fall tour, so maybe Carey will be making himself sweat by including one or all of those tracks in the setlist. You can pick up TOOL vinyl, CDs, mini instruments and more at Revolver's shop.