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DARE's Angel Garcia Picks 5 Great Skateboarding Anthems

From Sublime/Stefani collabs to Suicidal Tendencies classics, hardcore singer shares go-to skatepark soundtrack
dare-live-by-spencer_chamberlain-web-crop.jpeg, Spencer Chamberlain
Angel Garcia (left) performing with DARE
photograph by Spencer Chamberlain

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Rising O.C. trio DARE are one of the most buzzed about new outfits in hardcore. They've just dropped their highly anticipated debut LP Against All Odds — an infectious, intense ride that features an all-star guest assist from Terror singer Scott Vogel (on the ripping single "Hard to Cope").

Beyond their slamming sound and off-the-chain live shows, DARE are also known for wearing their passions on their sleeves. The crew are equally outspoken about their straightedge lifestyle, commitment to social justice and love of skateboarding.

"We're not afraid to sound a little out there and do our own thing, and we never have been," says Angel Garcia. "We represent the straight edge and all the people of color out there. Everything this band is would be nothing without our friends and I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

When it comes to skating, Garcia say the obsession is built into DARE's D.N.A. "Everyone in DARE skates, and it's our thing on tour," says Garcia. "Every new city we are in, the first thing we always do is look up the nearest skatepark. Anaiah [Lei, drums] is sponsored by Heroin Skateboards, and I've been skating my whole life and got completely submerged into hardcore from working at Programme Skate & Sound in Fullerton."

In that spirit, we recently caught up with Garcia to get his picks for his five current favorite songs to skate to. Read the stories behind his choices below.

Suicidal Tendencies - "Go Skate!" (Prime Cuts, 1997)

This song has always just gotten me so hyped. I remember having a shitty-ass phone when I was like 10 and that was one of the songs on it and I would listen to it on repeat and skate.

Turnstile - "T.L.C." (Turnstile Love Connection, 2021)

This is a newer song but it's just so fun and skating to it just makes you just want to skate as fast and hard as you can and I love that, you just feel it.

Throwdown - "Forever" (Haymaker, 2003)

No explanation needed … hard-ass fucking song!

Field of Flames - "Confusion Breeds the Fear" (Remnants of a Collapsed Existence, 2021)

San Jose straight edge — one of my favorite bands right now. This song just gets me so stoked every time I listen to it.

Sublime featuring Gwen Stefani - "Saw Red" (Robbin' the Hood, 1994)

Just such a good dance-y song, always so fun to skate to.