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DAVE MUSTAINE says MEGADETH would end if he couldn't sing anymore

"I would be cheating the fans"
Megadeth Dave Mustaine 2020

Dave Mustaine is the chief songwriter, guitarist and singer of Megadeth. He's the band's only remaining founding member, and the person who's always been the face and voice of the thrash pioneers.

Having just released last year's The Sick, the Dying...and the Dead!, and with a touring schedule that's chugging along at full speed, Mustaine has no intention of stopping Megadeth anytime in the foreseeable future.

However, in a new interview on The Jeremy White Show, the bandleader mentioned the one factor that would cause him to put Megadeth to bed: if, for whatever reason, he could no longer sing. 

During the end of the interview, White remarked that with all Mustaine has going on between his band and their affiliated wine and beer companies, "the end of Megadeth is nowhere near."

"I'm sure that that's gonna come at some point," Mustaine replied. "I don't see anything right now. I feel good, my health.

"The only thing that would be weird is if I ever got in a situation where I'd have to stop singing. That, I think, even if I could play, if I couldn't sing... because of Megadeth being built on my voice, I don' think I would carry on.

"I just think if I didn't [sing] then I would be cheating the fans. Not that I'm a great singer."

"I have a lot of thinking to do as we are watching the sun rise on our career right now, because it should be setting," Mustaine continued. "It's setting on a lot of my peers, or it's already set. But it seems like the sun is still rising in the land of all things Megadeth."

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