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Deathcore "Boy Band" the Big Six Announce Debut EP

Featuring vocalists of Lorna Shore, Attila, Fit for an Autopsy and more
the big six PROMO 2022, Instagram @thebig6official
courtesy of Instagram @thebig6official

Over the last few days, the metal internet has been freaking out about the newly revealed supergroup featuring six of deathcore and metalcore's leading vocalists — Lorna Shore's Will Ramos, Attila's Chris Fronzak, Fit for an Autopsy's Joe Badolato, Left to Suffer's Taylor Barber, Infant Annihilator's Dickie Allen and Traitors' Tyler Shelton. The all-star project was seemingly dubbed the Titans of Metal, but now the self-described boy band have unveiled their true name: The Big Six.

As to what the Big Six have been recording at Fort Wayne, Indiana's Sweetwater Studios, that particular cat is out of the bag, too. The supergroup have completed a debut EP — and seemed to have had the fucking time of their lives doing so. According to Shelton, the project is the first iteration of a vision "to change the future of music by bringing your favorite artists into one room and create major collaborations that we have always dreamt of."

You can follow the Big Six on Instagram, and stay tuned for music, videos and merch to come. Catch up on their antics below.