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Deftones: Hear Wreck and Reference's Flickering Shoegaze Cover of "Change (In the House of Flies)"

Gorgeous reinvention from the Flenser's nu-metal tribute compilation

For the last decade, The Flenser record label has made a name for itself by issuing some of the finest post-metal, drone, shoegaze and dark ambient music of this generation. Bands like Have a Nice Life, King Woman and Planning For Burial have called the San Francisco imprint home, and they've even put out music by more straightforward metal acts like Bell Witch and Succumb.

However, until last month, no one would've associated nu-metal with the label's curatorial identity. But in one of the most pleasantly surprising releases of the year, the Flenser are preparing to drop a tribute compilation of artists from their roster and/or musical world putting their own spins on songs by Korn, Slipknot, Deftones, Sepultura and more. 

It's called Send the Pain Below (yes, after the Chevelle song), and last month the label teased the album, which is only available on vinyl to subscribers of their Series Three membership club, with Chat Pile's noise-rock take on "Roots Bloody Roots."

Today (August 10th), we're proud to premiere Flenser OGs Wreck and Reference's flickering shoegaze rendition of Deftones' beloved "Change (In the House of Flies)."

Wreck and Reference's own music is hard to classify (it shifts between experimental industrial, post-metal, noise-rock and shoegaze with a touch of screamo vocals), and this rendition of the White Pony highlight is similarly eclectic. Chino Moreno's basic vocal melody is intact, but the whole arrangement is splashed with strobey tremolo effects that give it a clever twist.

"We've always enjoyed Deftones," Wreck and Reference say. "But we added our own lyrics about ecocide since that is the primary driver of our nostalgia. So you get two songs for the price of one, and the price is free, so it's an infinitely good deal."

Listen above via YouTube and peep the cover art and full track list for Send the Pain Below after the jump.

The Flenser Send the Pain Below artwork

Send the Pain Below track listing: 
Wreck and Reference - "Change" by Deftones
Chat Pile - "Roots Bloody Roots" by Sepultura
Vile Creature - "Paper Dolls" by Kittie
Drowse - "Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot
Cremation Lily -  "Falling Away From Me" by Korn
Midwife - "Send the Pain Below" by Chevelle