DETHKLOK release 'The Dethalbum (Expanded Edition)' featuring 9 rare tracks | Revolver

DETHKLOK release 'The Dethalbum (Expanded Edition)' featuring 9 rare tracks

Ahead of new albums and movie

While we all impatiently await the highly anticipated new Dethklok movie, soundtrack album and Dethalbum IV LP, the Metalocalypse stars are tiding fans over with a massive 24-song expanded edition of the animated band's landmark debut. Aptly titled The Dethalbum (Expanded Edition), it features the original 15-track album along with nine additional harder-to-find tracks previously unavailable on all the digital platforms. (Check out the full tracklist below.)

In addition, Dethklok have offered up the METALOCALYPSE: DETHKLOK COMPLETE COLLECTION playlist, which features the band's entire catalog of available music. You can stream that above via YouTube.

As for all the future Metalocalypse goings-on, stay tuned. And as always, stay brutal.

The Dethalbum (Expanded Edition) tracklisting:
1. Murmaider
2. Go Into the Water
3. Awaken
4. Bloodrocuted
5. Go Forth and Die
6. Fansong
7. Better Metal Snake
8. The Lost Vikings
9. Thunderhorse
10. Briefcase Full of Guts
11. Birthday Dethday
12. Hatredcopter
13. Castratikron
14. Face Fisted
15. Detharmonic
16. Deththeme
17. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
18. Blood Ocean
19. Murdertrain a Comin'
20. Pickles Intro
21. Kill You
22. Hatredy
23. Dethklok Gets in Tune
24. Go Into the Water (Gulf of Danzig Remix)