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Dethklok's Nathan Explosion: Top 11 "Good Beatdown Songs"

"If I'm gonna beat somebody, I like to make sure one of these songs are playing"
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You don't ask Nathan Explosion — the frontman of Dethklok, the most brutal band on the planet — for a list. He tells you he's gonna give you a list, what he's gonna list and then he lists that fucking list. His way. "Hey, this is Nathan Explosion," the singer hit us up recently, "and MY LIST is the ultimate metal list to play during a beatdown. While beating a man. In a fight. If I'm gonna beat somebody I like to make sure one of these songs are playing because, hey, it's weird to beat a guy up with no music on — feels a little intimate and, well, you get the idea ..."

1. Cannibal Corpse - “Severed Head Stoning”

"Using heads to stone a man is brutal."

2. Aeon - "Biblewhore"

"Nothing like a beatdown to this new classic."

3. Death - “Choke on It”

"Death made lots of great beating music — and choking music, let's not forget."

4. Morbid Angel - “Rapture”

"Try to beat a guy while the rapture is happening, just try it."

5. Slayer - “Angel of Death”

"It's a classic beatdown tune. I'm not the first to say this."

6. Metallica - “Battery”

"Also a classic, can't leave it out or a beating may come your way."

7. Brain Drill - “Sadistic Abductive"

"This song is a beatdown for the drummer — they're beating themselves into early hip dysplasia and osteoporosis."

8. Nile - “The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh”

"Beatdown city. It's an inevitable beatdown, I'm tellin' ya here."

9. The Chordettes - “Lollipop”

"Obviously this isn't metal. This is for more of an ironic Martin Scorsese beatdown."

10. Gene Kelly - "Singing in the Rain"

"Not metal, but more of A Clockwork Orange/Stanley Kubrick kind of beatdown. Really satisfying to punch a grown man's mouth with this playing."

11. Michael Jackson - "Beat It" 

"Oh, and it goes without saying that 'Beat It' works surprisingly well."