Dinos, Blood Rivers, Face-Melting: See Charger's Epic Video for "Rollin' Through the Night" | Revolver

Dinos, Blood Rivers, Face-Melting: See Charger's Epic Video for "Rollin' Through the Night"

Band featuring Rancid's Matt Freeman channels Motörhead on new song from punk-metal side project

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Charger are a band featuring Rancid bassist Matt Freeman who embody their name by playing careening punk-metal that's fun, gritty and tight-as-hell. Recently, Freeman's supportive Rancid bandmate, Lars Frederiksen, described the band as sounding like "Motörhead meets Venom with more punk as fuck energy," and we really can't think of more accurate way of describing their galloping new single, "Rollin' Through the Night," which we're proud to be premiering the video for today (January 6th).

The animated visual features a dude riding a pterodactyl over a river of blood while a goblin-esque man in a biplane tries to shoot him down. He ultimately escapes the goon but ends up flying through a portal that melts his face off. Yeah, it's pretty badass. Watch and listen to them shred hard as fuck above via YouTube.

"The song is essentially about living," guitarist Andrew McGee says. '"Wild and free, I'm riding on the wind, numb to fear or pain.' A feeling of invincibility and living your life to just go out and own every night and get into whatever you can find."

"For the video, we really liked Death Angel's video for 'Aggressor' by Ben Clarkson. We reached out to Ben and talked about a more metaphorical approach, and so we mentioned something about a flying car. He said, 'How about a flying pterodactyl over a river of blood?' and that's all we needed to hear. Ben went and did his thing and created a great story encapsulating that feeling of invincibility into what we think is a kick-ass video where our guy's face melts off as he rides his pterodactyl and becomes one with the universe. We think. Anyway, it's fucking awesome."

The song will appear on Charger's upcoming LP, Warhorse, which is out March 18th via Pirates Press Records and available for pre-order here.