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Does New Video Reveal the Identity of Slipknot's Mystery Member?

Footage from Mexico airport appears to confirm fans' theories about "Tortilla Man"

A few months back, a Slipknot fan on Reddit dug deep and theorized that the Iowan metal act's new ninth member — affectionately called Tortilla Man by Maggots — was Shawn "Clown" Crahan's bandmate in Dirty Little Rabbits, Michael Pfaff. When Slipknot landed in Mexico to perform at their now infamously canceled Knotfest Meets Mexico show, fans lined up to take video and captured what some are taking as a further clue that the 'Knot-Pfaff connection is indeed correct. 

Slipknot Mexico, a YouTube Channel dedicated to all things The Nine, posted a 44-second clip yesterday, December 3rd, that features Corey Taylor leading the pack of musicians through what looks to be an aiport. Sandwiched between Taylor, Clown, and the other performers is Pfaff. In keeping with the assertions that he and Tortilla Man shared similar stature and onstage movements, Pfaff does seem to resemble the Cenobite-esque character he's rumored to play on stage, minus the outrageous horror elements. 

While no confirmation has been made yet, and might very well not be for the foreseeable future considering the fun Slipknot has had with the wild goose chase, Taylor did discuss Tortilla Man earlier this year and hinted that he was still in the process of settling in as a permanent member. 

"You've got to wear the Tortilla on your face first of all, and the audience has to figure out who you are," he said during an interview with Zane Lowe, "Tortilla face. He's doing great. He's a great dude and is killing it, man. It's kind of cool. It's brought this whole new energy to everybody as well. So it's a lot of fun to watch him." 

Clown took a slightly less diplomatic tone when asked about the new member's identity by Kerrang!, telling the magazine it's, "nobody's fucking business."