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Dream Theater's James LaBrie on Lip Syncing Accusations: "F**k You"

Singer says he's "never lip synced in my entire life"
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Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie has a pair of words for anyone who thinks he's been lip syncing onstage: "Fuck you." The prog singer has been the target of a rumor suggesting he's been using a backing vocal track during certain portions of the band's recent live shows, and in an onstage monologue during a March 18th Dream Theater gig in Houston, TX, LaBrie angrily addressed those who think he's having trouble singing his own material. 

"How the hell we doing everyone? I'm gonna fucking clarify something right now, okay?," LaBrie announced in between songs at the Bayou Music Center. "People have been saying I'm fucking lip syncing? Fuck you. I have never lip synced in my entire life. Fucking, what is wrong with people online?

"I'm sorry, but fucking come and show me what I'm doing wrong. Fuck off. I guess I'm losing my mind because I'm almost at the end of the [tour] leg … okay, I'm done."

As Blabbermouth points out, some fans have theorized that LaBrie has been relying on backing tracks during the post-chorus of "Bridges in the Sky," which you can watch Dream Theater play during a February 2022 live performance below.