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Dying Wish's Emma Boster: My Favorite Type O Negative Song

"I'd never heard a band with that dynamic in heavy music before"
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Dying Wish's Emma Boster
photograph by Ian Enger

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There was no one quite like Type O Negative. They were four Brooklyn dudes who sprung up out of the city's extreme hardcore scene and evolved into legit (if tongue-and-cheek) goth metal icons. From their 1991 debut, Slow, Deep and Hard to 1993 breakout Bloody Kisses to their 2007 swan song Dead Again, frontman Peter Steele and the band cast a long shadow with their haunting music and inimitable, imposing presence.

Sadly, their influential career was cut short by the untimely death of Steele in 2010 — but the Drab Four's legacy carries on. Type O left the world with so many great songs that continue to inspire generations of gloom-loving, heavy-music fans. Among those is Emma Boster, singer for Portland, Oregon metalcore upstarts Dying Wish. Below, Boster sounds off on her favorite Type O Negative song.

"Love You to Death"

The first time I really gave this song a proper listen was when I was 19. I was living with a roommate who had moved out and left a copy of October Rust on CD behind. I popped it in the CD player of my car. The first two tracks had me very confused ...  but then the violin in track three hit followed by piano. As soon as Peter Steele's vocals began I was 100 percent in. I was young and had a history in choir. A voice that deep and controlled is rare and special, just like the band itself.

That album changed how I looked at metal forever. It was dark but romantic and thoughtfully beautiful. I'd never heard a band with that dynamic in heavy music before. It has inspired me to write more vulnerable and emotional songs about love myself, like our song "Cold Hearts in Bloom."

It's hard to believe that we will see a metal icon like Peter Steele again soon. He truly had this popstar-like appeal and glamour. I'm so happy to see this band finally getting their flowers because they were criminally underrated during their prime.