Egyptian Demons, Exorcisms, Tech-Death: See Gorod's New "Bekhten's Curse" Video | Revolver

Egyptian Demons, Exorcisms, Tech-Death: See Gorod's New "Bekhten's Curse" Video

French band's new single was inspired by Ramesses II's sister-in-law, appears on just-released 'Aethra' LP

French technical-death gods Gorod have swooped down from their galaxy of interplanetary riffs to bless us with a new video for "Bekhten's Curse" from their new LP Aethra, which out now via Overpowered Records. Lest we think the Egyptian-hinting track name and video might have you thinking that the band has gone Nile on us, the song possess a brutality that is specific to the Bordeaux-based band, utilizing more melodic yell vocals than the growls and grunts. Outside of the Egyptian overtones, the video juxtaposes footage of the band finger-tapping their way towards riff heaven all while an ancient ritual plays out in the other cut scenes. Check it out for the first time above.

Vocalist Julien Deyres commented on the new video by discussing it's origin: "Out of all of the songs on the album, these lyrics required the most research. I am not at all a specialist in Egyptian antiquity, but in doing my research on lunar deities I discovered this extraordinary story about a so-called miraculous healing of Ramesses II's sister-in-law. This legend is engraved on a stela that is currently in the Louvre Museum and is a proven historical fake. In this song, I am playing the role of a Bekhten's city survivor, which was completely destroyed to restore a form of eventual reality... because way too often, popular legends such as this one were created to hide misdeeds by those who have the power and wish to be considered as heroes..."