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Every Time I Die: Keith Buckley Talks Next Album, Being Sued for Fan's Amputated Toe

Singer opens up about fatherhood, "new inspirations," wild lawsuits, more
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Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley, 2015
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A recent interview with Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley over at Kerrang! saw the hardcore vet open up about a wide (and wild) range of topics including writing the next record, fatherhood and a particularly crazy story of how one fan is seeking financial compensation following an incident she claims led to the amputation of her toe.

After discussing a different, but equally insane, story about the time his brother, ETID guitarist Jordan Buckley, accidently spit beer in someone's eye during a show — which led to a life-saving brain tumor diagnosis for the fan, the singer gets heated about a current legal battle involving another fan who alleges that an amp fell on her toe at an ETID show, eventually leading to that toe's amputation.

"One, it never fucking happened. Two, how long are you responsible for a hurt toe?" he quips angrily. "Even if the thing fell on her toe — which it absolutely didn't — and she hurt her toe, but she didn't clean it, she didn't take care of it, she didn't set it, and then it had to get amputated, like how long are we babysitting this fucking toe?" 

Buckley, who is notably "pissed off" at the situation, says he refused to even look at pictures of the big toe (I'm like, 'I'm not fucking looking at these pictures.' It didn't happen. It's not my responsibility. I'm not responsible for that fucking toe.") and makes an argument about how breaking his arm in middle school wouldn't mean he's entitled to sue his coach years later.

When asked about the status of the follow-up to Every Time I Die's last album, 2016's Low Teens, Buckley brings up the band members' respective huge life changes over the past couple of years, noting that he and Jordan Buckley have both become fathers fairly recently, and rhythm guitarist Andy Williams is pursuing a career in wrestling. 

"We're not being lazy at all," he says. "We're still touring. It's just so many people are into so many different new things."

"We have these new inspirations in our lives," he continues, "and I think that this band owes it to its members to sort of let them absorb this phase change and see what happens and see what music comes out of that.

Every Time I Die are currently opening for the Mastodon and Coheed and Cambria co-headlining tour. Read Buckley's full interview and see a full list of tour dates at Kerrang!.