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Every Time I Die Turn 'Hot Damn' House into Airbnb

Metalcore band morphed former Buffalo residence into fan paradise
Jordan Buckley Every Time I Die Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic, Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic
Jordan Buckley of Every Time I Die
photograph by Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic

Every Time I Die's music has been a home to metalcore misfits for over 20 years, and now the band are providing fans with a literal home. Several members of the Buffalo wild boys have turned the house they used to live in into a fully renovated Airbnb, replete with modern furnishings and a couple references to the band's history. 

According to a description on the official Airbnb listing, the band used to live in the Cheektowaga, NY, residence in their early '20s, and they even wrote their beloved 2003 album, Hot Damn!, in the house's basement. With the pandemic putting a halt to ETID's constant touring schedule, guitarist Jordan Buckley and bassist Stephen Micciche were able to purchase the building, completely gut it and remodel it so the average person could feel comfortable staying there. 

Going by the photos on the listing, the house looks immaculate and totally unlike what one would expect from a home that's owned by members of one of the most chaotic bands in metalcore. However, despite its clean and decidedly un-metal interior design, Buckley and Micciche said that they scattered "a couple nods to the band's history" throughout the unit. Additionally, Buckley painted a custom Buffalo mural on one of the walls that looks pretty freaky and tastefully out-of-place. 

The two-bedroom, two-bath residence holds up to five guests, and it's currently available for rent on Airbnb. Check out a few photos below while you plan your visit for the quaint house that spawned songs with titles like "Pornogratherapy" and "Ebolarama." Inspiring! 

ETID airbnb outside
A place your parents would describe as "adorable"
ETID Airbnb living room
The perfect couches for practicing stage-diving on
Beer pong, anyone?
ETID Airbnb mural
Let's go, Buffalooo
ETID Mural painting
Jordan Buckley's handiwork