'Evil Dead' Meets 'The Sims': See Escuela Grind's Insane, Gory New 3-Song Video | Revolver

'Evil Dead' Meets 'The Sims': See Escuela Grind's Insane, Gory New 3-Song Video

Insane clip full of "cantaloupe-smashing and ground-beef-hand-chopping"

Any band that thinks to mash up Evil Dead and The Sims is fucking genius in our books. That it should turn out to be New York State grindcore miscreants Escuela Grind, who we've been championing for a few years now, makes it even sweeter. The trio's insane new music video features not one, not two but three songs — "These Insects Lived as Men," "A Ladder of Seven Rounds" and "Zalongo" — all off from the group's face-melting debut full-length, Indoctrination. It was directed by Seby X Martinez, known for his work with Troma, and in tried-and-true Troma fashion, lo-fi gory gross-outs abound. Indeed, drummer Jesse Fuentes literally threw up during the filming of the particularly nasty hand-chop scene.

"This video is our love letter to Evil Dead and The Sims," Martinez tells us, "built on the idea that you can mash together two wildly disparate things and it might come out kinda funny." Escuela Grind add in a joint statement: "For our second music video with Seby from Troma, we were all able to come together and quarantine on location in the woods. We thought the area was perfect for a tribute to Evil Dead and, of course, it escalated quickly. At first we were going to use only two of our shorter songs, but the more footage we got of cantaloupe-smashing and ground-beef-hand-chopping, the more grind we needed to provide." Watch the horror and hilarity above.