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Exodus' Gary Holt: Why I Think There Were at Least 3 Lemmys

Thrash guitarist is "convinced" that the Motörhead frontman had a couple clones
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Exodus' Gary Holt
photograph by Tayva Martinez

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Gary Holt has a bizarre pet theory that there were actually three Lemmy Kilmister's in the world. In a new interview with Banger TV, the Exodus/Slayer guitarist shared an old memory of when Exodus pre-gamed a European tour by spending a week "partying like fucking animals" in London before they hit the road. During at least one of those trips, the Bay Area thrash band would run into the Motörhead frontman at various bars around England, and Holt swears (with a twinge of humor, of course) that the man must've had at least two other clones of himself based on his supernatural ability to turn up at every building they arrived at. 

"I'm convinced, and have been for decades, that there's more than one Lemmy, or at least there was," Holt said, as transcribed by Blabbermouth. "We [Exodus] used to, back in the day, squander more money on tours. When we did a European tour, we insisted that we had to spend a week in London first — to acclimate to the time change. Basically, it was us partying like fucking animals for five to seven days.

"This was when Lemmy still lived in England and London. And we'd go out to a bar and here's Lemmy. We'd go up and hang out [with] him, do some drugs or whatever and have some drinks. [We'd tell him], 'We're gonna go to this other place.' 'All right. See you guys later.' And we'd get there and he's already sitting at the bar; I mean, he's been there for an hour.

"And then we went to another place and he's there ahead of us, and we left him sitting at the bar. And ever since then we're convinced that there's at least three different Lemmys, cause he couldn't possibly have done it. But, you know, Lemmy is God, so…"

Holt's story is compelling! Watch him tell it below via YouTube.