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Fan Poll: 5 Best Songs of 2021 So Far

See who beat Gojira and Evanescence for the No. 1 spot
Lorna Shore Press Photo 2021
Lorna Shore

The second half of the year is already shaping up to be a doozy of new releases and big shows, but first we had to look back. We already picked our favorite albums and songs of 2021's first six months, and we also asked our fans what new LP hasn't left their rotation. As the final part of our mid-year round-up, we asked you all to choose your favorite song of 2021 so far, and the results are in. With such a diverse array of votes, it wasn't easy to tally up the scores, but we managed to make it happen. Below, are the top five vote-getters, ranked accordingly.

5. Cannibal Corpse - "Inhumane Harvest"

Cannibal Corpse are 15 albums deep into their career and they still sound gruesome as fuck. Violence Unimagined is the Florida death-metal stalwarts doing what they do best, and "Inhumane Harvest" is a choice standout of buzzsaw riffs, neck-popping grooves and a delightfully gory performance from the imitable Corpsegrinder. Plus, the super NSFW music video is genuinely spine-tingling.

4. Fear Factory - "Disruptor"

Despite all of the band member drama and the fact that Aggression Continuum marks the longest gap between albums in Fear Factory history, the industrial-metal crew came through with a record that fans have really taken to. The votes made it a close toss-up between all of the album's three singles, but the crushing "Disruptor" managed to rack up the most nods.

3. Evanescence - "Better Without You"

Our readers already voted Evanescence's mighty comeback LP, The Bitter Truth, the top album of 2021 thus far, so it wasn't surprising to see the love carry over into the songs poll. "Better Without You" is one of the album's titanic standouts that showcases frontwoman Amy Lee at peak form vocally, lyrically and emotionally. 

2. Gojira - "Into the Storm"

There are so many bangers to choose from on Gojira's epic new album, Fortitude, but "Into the Storm" was our top choice, too. The anthem — about the importance of civil disobedience in order to enact change — is as pulverizing as it is melodically gigantic, with drums that strike like thunder and a hook from frontman Joe Duplantier that echoes 'round the world. It's no wonder that Gojira fans are hot on it.

1. Lorna Shore - "To the Hellfire"

The deathcore revival is real — consider Lorna Shore's placement here as prime evidence. The band's debut song with new vocalist Will Ramos is legitimately one of the most over-the-top heavy deathcore songs in recent memory. It's got numerous bone-snapping breakdowns, blast beats for days, a virtuosic guitar solo and vocals from Ramos that sound like if Smeagol got bit by a werewolf. Naturally, fans are eating it up.