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Fan Poll: Lamb of God Frontman Randy Blythe's Top 5 Vocal Performances

Find out what cut topped "Overlord" and "King Me"
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Lamb of God's Randy Blythe
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

Old-school Lamb of God fans would've never thought it back in the day, but one of Randy Blythe's greatest strengths as a vocalist has turned out to be his insane range and versatility. Those of us who remember seeing LOG throwing down in small clubs during their New American Gospel era — or even better, as Burn the Priest, in even small venues — know that Blythe first made his name with a maniacal shrieking style that frequently blew out his voice even as it captivated onlookers. Eventually he took vocal lessons, honed his technique, taking his vocals to a thicker, deeper, more powerful place, and in recent years, he's even expanded into clean singing, showcasing a shockingly strong grungy croon. Considering his range, skill and stature, we asked you to pick Blythe's finest vocal performance; below are the ranked Top 5 results.

5. "The Duke"

In the past, fans exclusively witnessed the aggressive, harsh side of Randy Blythe's voice, but as the years have gone on, the Lamb of God frontman has gotten comfortable enough to give mostly sung performances. "The Duke" showcases Blythe's strong-as-fuck clean vocals, his low register carrying equal parts power and a tinge of sadness. He truly embodies the lyrics he sings, sounding greater than human on this moving cut dedicated to a fallen fan.

4. "Descending"

Never straying into clean vocal territory on this piercing banger, Blythe's blistering delivery leaves you wondering if he had to take a break to cough up a mouth full of blood between lines. Terrifying and pained, Blythe's specially impressive performance here is punctuated by the neatly enunciated lyrics of the song, a standout off LOG's breakthrough album Sacrament.

3. "King Me"

When it comes to figuring out the right vibe for a song, Blythe has no problem trying out different voices and affectations. A slow-building outlier for Lamb of God, "King Me" opens with the frontman sounding like a doomsayer in a spoken word part before shifting over to some of the massive screams he's ever delivered. His usual harsh vocals get twisted into some completely excruciating sounding screams of anguish. Simply put, he tears it the fuck up. 

2. "Overlord"

The full range of Blythe's potent, emotive vocals gets a serious workout on "Overlord." From the grungy sad rock of the early verses that see the frontman reaching deep down to draw out his deepest sorrows to the inhuman growls he unleashes near the searing track's end, it's obvious the singer can pull off nearly any style he chooses to take on. This track sees the full spectrum of Blythe's talents stretched to their limits with seeming ease.

1. "Walk With Me in Hell"

"Walk With Me in Hell" is a hell of a way to kick off an album (in this case, Sacrament), and a hell of a way to introduce your band to those who may not have been familiar before. Aside from the massive riffs and breakdowns of the track, Blythe essentially gives a world-class symposium on how to do harsh vocals properly on a record. There's a multitude of octaves to his delivery, he hits highs and lows and everything in between with an animalistic fervor, and yet, with enough precision and control that you can actually make out what he's saying. Unreal.