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Fan Poll: Top 5 Artists Who Should Be on a Revolver Cover in 2022

See who voters picked over Halestorm and Clutch
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This year is slated to be an absolutely massive one for heavy music, with highly anticipated new albums from giants such as Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot set to arrive alongside LPs from newer bands like Lorna Shore and Venom Prison. With so many major records coming down the pike, we asked our readers who they'd most like to see grace the cover of Revolver in 2022, and everyone from Frozen Soul to Avatar got a shoutout. However, these are the bands who cracked the top five, ranked accordingly below.

Meshuggah press photo Olle Carlsson, Olle Carlsson
photograph by Olle Carlsson

5. Meshuggah

It's been six long years since Meshuggah's last album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, but the Swedish djent pioneers are due for another sometime this year. Unfortunately, both their winter tour and upcoming LP were delayed after an unnamed band member was hit with medical issues, so hopefully the math-metal maestro can heal up in the coming months. Jens Kidman's scowling mug would look great on newsstands.

Clutch Live 2019 cropped, Mark Smitty Neal
photograph by Mark Smitty Neal

4. Clutch

In November, Clutch announced that they wrapped up tracking their long-awaited follow-up to 2018's Book of Bad Decisions, and followers of the stoner-rock gospelists are champing at the bit to hear new tunes and learn about the band's approach. Last spring, drummer Jean-Paul Gaster revealed that since the record was made during quarantine and away from their beloved live gigs, it's going to have a different sonic feel than previous ones. We're eager to find out what that means, too.

Porcupine Tree 2021 Press Photo, Alex Lake
Porcupine Tree
photograph by Alex Lake

3. Porcupine Tree

Back in November, British prog-metal savants Porcupine Tree returned from an 11-year hiatus and dropped their first new song in nearly 12 years — so fans are rightly giddy about the record it's set to appear on later this year. Due out June 24th, Closure/Continuation will mark the trio's first new full-length since 2009's The Incident, and clearly their loyalists are hankering for an in-depth story about what led to the comeback.


2. Halestorm

Last year, Halestorm roared "Back From the Dead" with a glass-shattering new single, and this year a whole new album is set to arrive. The band led by Lzzy Hale just finished up recording their follow-up to 2018's Vicious, and surely a lot has changed within the band since then — from navigating the pandemic and selling out arenas last fall with Evanescence, to writing and recording what could be the most kickass Halestorm LP yet.

orbit culture live 2021 PRESS mortiz, Moritz Hartmann
photograph by Moritz Hartmann

1. Orbit Culture

Orbit Culture's fans don't fuck around. The Swedish metal quartet was just voted the No. 1 breakout band of 2021, and now their droves of enthusiastic followers have doubled down on the hype and asked us for a full-on cover story. 2022 will mark two years since their well-received 2020 LP, Nija, which evidently won over a large swath of listeners who are equally stoked on last year's Shaman EP. We'll definitely be paying close attention over the next 12 months.