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Fan Poll: Top 5 Bring Me the Horizon Songs

See what metalcore banger our readers voted to top spot
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Bring Me the Horizon
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Bring Me the Horizon have one of the most eclectic discographies in heavy music. The U.K. giants started out as deathcore pioneers, then pivoted to metalcore and reshaped that whole genre. From there, they darted off into the land of gloomy pop-rock, only to jump that ship and explore the outskirts of lo-fi hip-hop, electro-rock and experimental-pop on their 2019 mixtape — and then they finally came around full circle on their 2020 Post Human EP, folding every style they've ever touched into one collaborative juggernaut.

So yeah, picking an objective best song from the current Revolver cover stars is no easy task, but we asked our fans to give it a shot. As we expected, the results ranged from OG favorites to new-school jams, and the top five vote-getters are ranked accordingly below.

5. "Chelsea Smile"

Following their straight-up deathcore debut, Bring Me the Horizon introduced slightly more tuneful metalcore elements — less guttural screams, groovier riffs, a few more hooks than breakdowns — on their 2008 LP, Suicide Season. Many OG fans dropped off after this point, but there's still a lot of love today for one of the record's obvious highlights, "Chelsea Smile" — a rambunctious rager that manages to be catchy as fuck without a single clean vocal.

4. "Drown"

We knew the band could write stadium-sized metalcore bangers after Sempiternal arrived, but hearing BMTH nail a bleeding-heart power ballad like "Drown" was some next level shit. It's a far cry from the riotous 'core bangers of their early stuff, but lines like, "What doesn't kill you/Makes you wish you were dead," deliver a bigger gut-punch than any breakdown on Count Your Blessings.

3. "Throne"

"Throne" is the other side of the shimmering coin that is BMTH's 2015 LP, That's the Spirit. Rivaling the grandest moments on Sempiternal, the song's utterly beaming, glitchy synth melody congeals with what's arguably Oli Sykes' greatest vocal performance, resulting in an explosive chorus that can hang with any experimental pop or mainstream pop refrain of its era. It's just a great fucking song.

2. "It Never Ends"

There is a Hell... marked the moment BMTH established themselves as one of heavy music's foremost innovators, placing crisp electronic textures, anthemic hooks and ambitious post-rock parts alongside their most ravenous metalcore rippers. "It Never Ends," with its epic programmed strings, angelic choral harmonies, borderline-pretty verse guitars and booming breakdowns, stands as one of their most fascinating sonic achievements.

1. "Shadow Moses"

Anyone who was there when Sempiternal dropped can remember what a seismic impact the record had on not just metalcore, but also heavy music overall. BMTH's 2013 masterpiece saw them fully level up from scene-core darlings to genre-bending auteurs, and "Shadow Moses" is still the most exhilarating moment on what remains their most dynamic album overall. The chugging groove is titanic, Sykes is pushing his scream-sing vocals beyond earth's atmosphere, and his repetition of "this is sempiternal/Will we ever see the end?" hits like a big ol' sandpit turtle thwomping down from the heavens.